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Quick Facts about Gardyn:

FX Rouxel is the founder and CEO of Gardyn. His background includes working for the French Environment Protection Agency (EPA). He's also worked in the energy industry where he focused his attention on developing new technologies that would provide more sustainable, carbon-free sources of energy. More recently, FX has worked in the technology industry where he delved into artificial intelligence. He furthered his education by earning a Master’s of Science (MSc.) degree in computer science and engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau, France with additional course work at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

FX lives in Maryland with his wife and two children.

In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce the use of pesticides, and reduce food waste, he launched Gardyn. Few people know that approximately 40% of all produce sold in grocery stores is wasted. 

To further the Gardyn project along, FX teamed up with with researchers at McGill University to develop hybriponic innovations. Hybrionics is a new design for hydroponic solutions. It allows growers to grow larger quantities of produce in a fully vertical manner, without soil, on a small footprint. The Gardyn Home Kit includes a six-gallon water reservoir which consumes 95% less water than traditional gardening methods. It pulls about the same amount of power as a lightbulb!

Gardyn continues to evolve as an eco-friendly thought leader. For instance, they've banned the use of any disposable plastic in the life cycle of their products. All plastics used by Gardyn are food-grade, recyclable plastics. Even the yCubes are made of corn and are compostable.

Gardyn now ships across the US. They are building a fully-distributed farming system. After just a few months, Gardyners have already grown more than 25,000lb of produce and added not one ounce of pollution to the rivers. Furthermore, since growing and eating with Gardyn, FX has run 3 Ironman’s and has gotten into the best shape of his life!

Gardyn offers a 60-day return policy and a 1-year Manufacturer's Policy.

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